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Another sunny day in Florence

Behind the photograph

The seasons really are going mad.

This autumns has felt like summer, and summer – the coolest for 18 years – felt more like autumn.

The spring was the warmest in Britain in records going back 100 years.
Yet this time last year (2010) we froze in the coldest start to winter for well over a century...

Nature has been thrown into turmoil: some birds have stopped migrating in winter because Britain is so balmy; it’s no longer unusual to hear lawnmowers in midwinter. Global-warming skeptics may argue that this is all due to natural fluctuations but the mixed-up seasons may well be a sign of a profound shift in climate.

(Excerpt from the article ‘behind the story’ by Paul Simons, The Times 25.11.2011).

These photographs were taken yesterday afternoon along the river Arno in Florence…

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