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Vitali Exhibition in London

On this evening of dismal weather (look at my previous photo-blog to better understand) I visited my friend Averil Curci at her stunning London gallery (with its sister gallery in Rome) where tonight, Massimo Vitali unveiled a striking new collection of photographs in his first UK solo exhibition since 1997. This Italian born photographer is renowned worldwide for his large colour prints depicting the crowded beaches and shorelines of the Mediterranean Sea. Here however, you will see much more. In this case, he captures astonishing waterfalls, oceans, sea-side spas, Sicilian hot waters, and several beaches. We like natural landmarks and animals so much that we always encourage our Casa Howard Guests to stay one less day in town and … spend one night in a natural environment, e.g. in Tuscany on the Cetona Mountain (in front of the Amiata, facing the Unesco World Heritage site of ‘Val d’Orcia’). And of course, to enjoy good food after a long, hard walk...

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