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Casa Howard

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Is not an Hotel

Each Casa Howard Guest House is a beautiful house (whether an apartment, palazzo or farmhouse) which provides a personal service while using some typically ‘hotel’-style ideas, methods and services.

In Rome there are 2 Casa Howard Guest Houses, both near to the Spanish Steps: one is located on Via Capo le Case, and with only 5 double bedrooms it is a very intimate place to stay; the other Rome Guest House is on via Sistina, with luxury rooms that were imaginatively designed by the famous interior designer Tommaso Ziffer.

In Florence, (see our special treats in Florence) Casa Howard is located on Via della Scala 18, just 60 meters from the beautiful Santa Maria Novella basilica and is only 1 and a ½ hours away from Rome by train. This Florence Guest House maintains its original flooring and ceilings to fully achieve the Casa Howard Concept: extremely high standard houses aiming to host special People.

and money-saving

however...if you are unable to book a room online, do not hesitate to e-mail info@casahoward.it or call +39 06 69924555 (10.00-19.00 CET). Very often we find a personal solution!