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A Guest House that is so much more than a Hotel. You will encounter the same high standard level of services of a Boutique Hotel whilst enjoying the same freedom and relaxed feeling of a B&B. All this will frame a perfect and unique atmosphere of a holiday destination designed around you. An ancient palace that will welcome you with the same warmth of a private home and the high-class services of a Grand Hotel.
For your own convenience, you will be given a set of keys to enter the house in case you would like to stay out until late. At your return, you will enter a guest room filled with personalised and authentic items that will make you feel welcomed, at home and part of the city of Florence and its citizens – which is far from the idea of a generic touristic break. In this Guest House you will breath in the true essence of Tuscany, as well as the international influence of the owners. The homeland of Michelangelo will hold no secrets anymore as you will capture all its colours and shades.
We are proud to have set the bar for a new standard in the hospitality landscape with a truly bespoke holiday solution. Staying in Florence and walking its streets, even with children, becomes an adventure, a dream come true. The tranquil and gratifying atmosphere effused by your guest room will stay with you and follow you throughout your journey as you visit the Duomo, San Frediano or Santa Maria Novella. Gift yourself a customised leisure and indulge in a romantic setting. Casa Howard Guest House, we are unique. Like you.

"The look is classy, cosy and vaguely eccentric; the emphasis in the 12 highly individual bedrooms is on quality and fine fabrics (several of which have private terraces)"

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Casa Howard is a Guest House perfectly representing the soul of Rome and Florence, this is why we love to tell everything we discovered about the places we live in. Follow our Blog, because we are unique. Just like you are.