Situated in Florence’s historical center, Casa Howard is the quintessence of a Boutique Hotel.

Our mission is to assure that you will be able to relax in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of a 16th century private residence, while benefitting from the high level of service provided by our attentive and experienced team.

Upon entering you will discover an eclectic private house, which will inevitably capture your heart. Each of Casa Howard’s rooms and suites were designed and decorated to create a Florentine residence like no other. The combination of refined fabrics, local ceramics, elegant marble and post-modern furnishings define the individuality and personality of the property. In this Historical Residence, you will breathe in the true essence of Tuscany together with the international influence of the owners. We are proud to have set the bar for a new standard in hospitality and are here to create an experience which will not only be pleasurable but also memorable.


Our attentive and experienced Concierge Team will be pleased to assist you with almost anything you might desire. Available from 8AM to 9PM, they will go out of their way to reserve for you the best restaurants and bars, organise special experiences, and solve any kind of inconveniences to ensure that your Florentine sojourn will be a smooth and memorable one. You will be provided with the keys to the house, but don't worry, there will always be someone at Casa Howard to take care of your needs also out of conciergerie hours, just dial 9 on your room’s phone.

"The look is classy, cosy and vaguely eccentric; the emphasis in the 13 highly individual bedrooms is on quality and fine fabrics."