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Tuscany house hotel, book your journey in our guest house in Florence and live your fascinating vacations

Book a room in our Tuscany House Hotel, Casa Howard Guest House in downtown Florence, and live the most exciting vacations. Welcome in Tuscany, our house is an authentic noble residence, reflecting the typical charm of Renaissance era, creating an exclusive and tailor-made setting for any guest, the ideal gateway to discover Tuscan traditions and folklore, more than a blogger, just like a new Georgette Jupe (Girl in Florence) or Frances Mayes (Under the Tuscan Sun)…

Are you ready to taste panforte during the Christmas period? Its aroma is typically medieval, its soft consistency and the anise’s flavors recall an ancient past: closing your eyes it will be easy to feel the ancestral music of lutes, hurdy gurdies and swords.
Introduce yourself to the court of the Medici Family, the Florentine dynasty that has determined for a long time the history of the entire Europe from Palazzo Vecchio. On their table was possible to find delicious dishes like the “anatra all’arancia” (duck cooked with orange)?

Did you know you are right in the homeland of gelato? The ice cream was made for the first time by an all-round artist: Bernardo Buontalenti (who won a real gastronomic competition like an old Masterchef with his new course). In the small town of Prato resides the original recipe of the famous cantuccini, while in the Chianti area you can savor the most regal essence of the red wines (from Brunello di Montalcino to Nobile di Montepulciano, passing through the territories of Barco Reale di Carmignano).

Moving from food to habits, do you want to experience the Palio’s atmosphere in Siena? Book tickets in advance and prepare yourself for a magical night in the name of your favorite “contrada” (district). And what about the charm represented by Mercantia Festival in Certaldo? Street artists and artisans gather in the village of Boccaccio to tell stories, impress people, dance and entertain.

And we can talk for hours about typical gnocchi, grape harvest and cheese, we invite you to eat the black cabbage’s soup, to unveil the numerous masterpieces and the legends hiding behind celebrated paintings and all the historical reconstructions. Tuscany vacations, a breathtaking holiday, get the most from your stay and at the return of each itinerary sleep lulled by the solemn atmosphere of our and your home in Tuscany.
Casa Howard, we’re unique, just like you are.

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Casa Howard is a Guest House perfectly representing the soul of Rome and Florence, this is why we love to tell everything we discovered about the places we live in. Follow our Blog, because we are unique. Just like you are.