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Boutique hotel in Florence, or better, a Guest House in Florence, in a historical residence that was brought back to its authentic splendour after an accurate and multifaceted refurbishment. The characteristics of a boutique-style hotel are well pronounced thanks to the specific personality and décor that was attributed to each suite. From an Oriental style room to a family style room that includes an indoor climbing wall – Casa Howard is a Guest House that will pamper any visitor.

The core idea behind this new concept of Guest House lays in Jenifer Howard Forneris’s vision, a well-known name in the fashion world due to her father Luciano Forneris. The formula of a Guest House, and not of a hotel, expresses the wish of ‘hosting’ people as they were friends, and welcoming them into one’s own home.
The first five rooms were opened in Rome in 2000, in Via Capo le Case, near the famous Spanish steps. Five more were also opened in a historical building in Via Sistina 149 and personally decorated by Thomas Ziffer. In 2005, with the help of the Turin born architect Fabrizio Cuniberto, the structure in Florence was open to the public – a rare gem with 5 star services.

The adventure in Florence started eleven years ago, still young and vibrant, it’s always ready to share beautiful emotions with the guests that come to appreciate this wonderful location. Help us write the story of this outstanding encounter between a boutique hotel and a B&B. Your stay will be a page in a thrilling book, full of inspiration, dreams, friendships and wonders.

Casa Howard, we are unique. Like you.

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Casa Howard is a Guest House perfectly representing the soul of Rome and Florence, this is why we love to tell everything we discovered about the places we live in. Follow our Blog, because we are unique. Just like you are.