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We have transformed Casa Howard’s modus operandi to get in line with the highest standard of eco-sustainability practices. From replacing plastic bin bags with recycled paper ones, to bamboo organic toilet paper, to compostable bathroom kits and refillable Nespresso inox capsules, every little change has a great impact. Explore below all the services we have innovated.

Soaps and products from Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy

You will find all our soaps and products contained in especially made containers,
to reduce single-use plastic.

Inox Steel Nespresso Capsules

Each Nespresso machine comes with four refilled and refillable inox steel capsules,
to reduce single use plastic.

Microfiltered Water

Casa Howard only uses silk-screened water bottles,
sealed daily to cut single-use plastic.

Silk Technology

Casa Howard uses patented Silk biologic silk filling for its duvets and pillows,
which is also an excellent way to balance our carbon footprint
since silk farming requires planting mulberry trees regularly.
Duvets: 100% ecological and biological T.Silk silk
Pillows: 100% ecological and biological T.Silk silk


Our breakfast is only made to order, to avoid any kind of food waste.
It also completely plastic-free and made only with local produce.

Yogurt and Jams

Our breakfast is entirely plastic-free.
Our yogurt is home made and kept in little glass jars.
The jams are made in our countryside farm estate from biologic crops.

Vanity Kit

All bathroom kits are recyclable and compostable.

Gastona Toilet Paper

Gastona toilet paper is made of 100% FSC certified bamboo,
produced solely with clean and renewable energies.


On arrival you will be given the keys to your rooms and the main entrance.
You will need them to access the hotel and to turn on the lights, once inserted in the room's wall.
Other than being in complete harmony with Casa Howard's aesthetic, the original keys were kept to avoid the use of plastic cards.

"The look is classy, cosy and vaguely eccentric; the emphasis in the 12 highly individual bedrooms is on quality and fine fabrics."