- Suite -

Casa Howard’s most cinematic room.

Cafè-au-lait parquet floorings, a white marble fireplace, an avant-garde plexi bed headboard, couture fabric upholstery, silk curtains, neoclassical panels and a monumental pitch black velvet sofa: all these form the bold landscape of this iconic room.

The vast and bright bathroom is a post-modern cloister of mirrors and glass panels, cradling at its heart a clawfoot freestanding wrought cast iron bathtub. From there you can dive into your favourite movies, screened from the somewhat kitch but apt wide screen hanging above the beautiful green ceramic fireplace.


Smart TV

Free Wi-Fi

AC & Heating

Kettle, Tea & Coffee


Microfiltered Water

Richard Ginori Crockery

ARNO Studio
Mattresses, Toppers & Pillows

Silk duvet & pillow

Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy Soaps & Products

Compostable & Recyclable Bathroom Amenities

Blow Dryer



Emperor Size Bed



How Water Bottle

Nespresso Machine