Library Room

- Deluxe -

The Library Room is the perfect domain for those who love travelling.

With all its references to the excitement of exotic voyages and the exploration of foreign countries and cultures, it evokes the real spirit of adventure. But the most iconic feature of this room is, indeed, the library: an arresting structure of red pipes and wooden shelves composes this floor-to-ceiling masterpiece, inspired by the characteristic fabric shelving of 1960s haute couture ateliers.

Two large windows bathe the room in natural light. The 18th century French desk, as well as numerous photographs and artefacts, which decorate this alluring room, are mementos from the owners’ great grandfather’s notorious adventures. Grab a book and begin your own, sprawled comfortably on the unique pea-green Casentino couch.


Smart TV

Free Wi-Fi

AC & Heating

Kettle, Tea & Coffee


Microfiltered Water

Richard Ginori Crockery

ARNO Studio
Mattresses, Toppers & Pillows

Silk duvet & pillow

Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy Soaps & Products

Compostable & Recyclable Bathroom Amenities

Blow Dryer