Most jewellers in Florence are located in the prestigious shopping area in the city, that surrounding the Ponte Vecchio. Jewelry stores and goldsmith warehouses are an ancient tradition, the variety of skills, creativity and traditional experiences have made jewellers of Florence famous all over the world and along history. History and modernity blend together in this fascinating itinerary. Because of this, we show you our recommendations among the finest jewelry stores that will certainly enhance your shopping in Florence.

Category: Elegant classic Florentine Jewelry
Address: Via Strozzi, 22; +39 055-2302322
Notes: It is one of the best jewelry stores in Florence. Lorenzo Barducci has an exclusive deal with Cartier for the city.

Category: Jewelry
Address: Ponte Vecchio, 54r; +39 055-287361
Notes: Excellent and precious jewels from Bulgari and more.

La Bottega dell’ Orafo
Category: Goldsmith, Jewelry
Address: Via Della Mosca, 11r; +39 055-289509
Notes: traditional craftsmanship worth a visit

Category: Goldsmith, modern and tailored jewelry.
Address: Borgo San Jacopo, 5; +39 055-2398645
Notes: Working with great skill and passion upon a wide range of jewels, including modern and tailored ones. We love their way to do jewelry.

Category: Oreficeria, gioielleria
Address: Ponte Vecchio
Notes: magnificent and ancient jewels

Category: Jewelry
Address: Piazza del Duomo, 10r; +39 055-2740849
Notes: another traditional store of handmade jewelry.

Ugo Piccini
Category: Jewelry and Goldsmith
Address: Via Por Santa Maria, 9r; +39 055-214511
Notes: in mostra una grande varietà di orologi di lusso e di marca.

Fratelli Piccini
Category: Goldsmith, Jewelry
Address: Ponte Vecchio, 21-23r; +39 055-294768
Note: Precious metal and stone jewels, quite singular.

Category: Goldsmith, Jewelry
Address: Via Tornabuoni, 101r; +39 055-212075
Notes: Original pieces, very creative use of precious metals like gold and platinum, plus precious stones.

Category: Jewelry
Address: Ponte Vecchio, 8r; +39 055-287211
Notes: We like their jewels with “hard stones”

Argentieri Pagliai
Category: Antiques restoration (specially silver).
Address: Borgo San Jacopo, 41r; +39 055-282840
Notes: It is possible to find a wide range of elegant and refined items, just like household accessories, candlesticks, eyeglass frames and much more.

Category: Goldsmith
Address: Borgo SS. Apostoli, 20r; +39 055-2302488
Notes: Specialized in restoring precious items for museums with the acquired experience of Opificio delle Pietre Dure.

Anna Maria Cammilli
Category: Goldsmith and artistic jewel creator
Address: Via Fornaccio, 46, Vallina, Bagno a Ripoli (Florence); +39 055-696276
Notes: An expert artisan who has created jewels for over thirty years. Her style is unique, displaying flower themes. Her jewels are sold by other stores as well.

Category: Jewelry
Address: Via Calzaioli, 96r; +39 055-214941
Notes: Young designer from Padua, with stores all over Italy and abroad. We like his modern style and design done on silver, which has become his trademark.

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