Markets in Florence are a great occasion for visiting and getting to know the city, finding not only tourist souvenirs but also to get local products and discover high quality shopping deals. Let’s start with the food, at the markets of San Lorenzo and Sant’Ambrogio you will certainly find anything you search for. The former is recommended if you seek examples of refined cuisine, spices and modern culinary innovation. The latter is visited by the locals, so keep an eye on them if you wish to shop for their traditional goods and flavors.

Take shopping in Florence to the next level with all kinds of straw hats and items of distinct Tuscan Style at the marketplace of Mercato del Porcellino (or “Nuovo”), closed on monday and located between via Porta Rossa and via Calimala.
When visiting Florence, it is necessary to go to the traditional goldsmith workshops near the Ponte Vecchio. Fashion markets and items enthusiasts should head to the Santa Croce area in order to learn the secrets of leather crafting.
Amid the available markets, there is the Mercato Antiquario, which takes place every third weekend of the month at the gardens of the spectacular backdrop of Fortezza da Basso. Lastly, spend a few hours among flea market stalls in Piazza dei Ciompi, available everyday except on monday.

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