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There are countless Museums in Florence that tourists should consider visiting. Florence proposes numerous places of interest that are famous all over the world. Finding things to do in Florence will be easy with its museums, collections and landmarks. We would like to point out some of the must-go places for you to choose and visit during your stay in the city.

The most important museums in Florence are undoubtedly the Uffizi, the Academy gallery and the Bargello Museum. These three buildings guard an immense artistic heritage, the artworks of Leonardo da VinciMichelangeloCaravaggioMasaccioGiotto and Vasari. If you have enough time, don’t forget to visit the recently renewed Opera del Duomo Museum in Piazza del Duomo and learn the secrets of Donatello’s sculpting and the fascinating designs of Fillippo Brunelleschi.

The Bardini Museum in the district of Oltrarno certainly deserves to be visited. It takes its name from one of the most important collectors of XIXth and XXth century art, which he left as an inheritance for the people. Here you can admire artworks by TintorettoTiepoloGiambolognaDella RobbiaBeccafumi numerous others. In order to better understand the XIXth century wunder cammer, go to the Stibbert Museum at the number 26 of the hillside road that gives it its name. Children will not forget its collection easily, its armors, ancient weapons and works of art by masters like BotticelliLorenzetti and Neri di Bicci.

Back in downtown Florence, do not forget to see the Convent of San Marco, where you can travel along the life and artistic work of Beato Angelico.
The Specola is one of the least known museums in the area. It gathers a series of Tuscan scientific knowledge and science traditions. It boasts a beautiful example of collected natural history and zoology that both children and adults will appreciate.

Then there is the fascinating Fratelli Alinari Museum, one of the most interesting photography museums in the world. Here you can watch the evolution of photographic technology and art with snapshots, instruments and documents regarding this art form. Lastly, fashion lovers should see Palazzo Spini Ferroni, one of the few in Florence dedicated to Ferragamo and his shoe creations in Piazza Santa Trinità.

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