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Buying clothing in Florence is more than just shopping. Florence is passion for style and fashion. Clothing stores in Florence are a universe of emotions in which you can lose yourselves into, from famous brand boutiques to traditional and innovative artisans. If you wish to dedicate a day or more to shop for clothing in Florence, then take notice of these recommendations and do not miss any of these shops!

Let’s start with two streets in the city center full fascinating shop windows, via Tornabuoni and via della Vigna Nuova. Afterwards, explore the rest of these areas while looking for local designers. It is hard to tell who might be the best, but it is just a matter of preferences after all. Dolce & Gabbana, Cavalli, Dior, Pomellato, Tiffany’s… What to choose? Here are our personal picks:

Category: clothing and accessories (handbags, shoes, wallets)
Address: Via Tornabuoni, 73r; +39 055-2645432
Notes: A Florentine brand that has always been known for its accessories. Its shoes may not be particularly comfortable, but their looks are captivating.

Gianfranco Ferre
Category: clothing
Address: Via della Vigna Nuova, 2; +39 055-290551
Notes: The architect of high fashion clothing: beautiful, relevant and important tailored shirts, pants and coats.

Category: clothing and accessories
Address: Via Tornabuoni, 48r; +39 055-2658121
Notes: Armani stands out above thousands of designers. His minimalist style and his elegant lines are superb within female and male fashion. We personally love his small handbags and accessories.

Category: clothing
Address: Via Tornabuoni, 20r; +39 055-2658082
Notes: Pucci boasts a very Florentine design, showing its love for nineteen sixties fashion.

Category: clothing and accessories (handbags and shoes)
Address: Via Tornabuoni, 63r; +39 055-283439
Notes: we love its retro, feminine and essential style. Prada is quite famous for its refined urban sportswear collection.

Category: clothing
Address: Via Tosinghi, 52r; +39 055-293142
Notes: It is the prototype of classic feminine elegance with a touch of sensuality, with its famous rosso Valentino. Their most innovative designs are exposed here as well.

Category: clothing and accessories (shoes)
Address: Palazzo Ferroni, Via Tornabuoni, 16; +39 055-292123
Notes: A notorious name due to its shoes, it is a brand that needs no introduction. You will find here elegant pieces, plus towels and modern handbag collections.

Emporio Armani
Category: clothing and some accessories
Address: Piazza Strozzi, 16r; +39 055-284315. 

Category: clothing
Address: Via Roma, 19 – 21/r; tel. +39 055-217826
Notes: One of the most famous boutiques in the country, with the support of international designers cherished by the general public.

Nara Camicie
Category: Shirt originali
Address: Via Calzaioli
Notes: A small store that sells all kinds of shirts. From modern to classic designs, from extravagant to fashion, all of them are original.

Category: Vestiti Avant-garde clothing e scarpe
Address: Via Por Santa Maria.
Notes: We like this boutique because it is alternative, different and showcases creative post-modern designs. You can find here clothing for people who love to experiment and try on new things

Patrizia Pepe
Category: clothing
Address: Piazza San Giovanni, 12r; +39 055-2645056
Notes: Florentine designer that makes exquisite pieces

Liverano & Liverano
Category: tailor
Address: Via dei Fossi, 37-39r; +39 055-2396436
Notes: This Florentine tailor makes perfect custom dresses, but she also elaborates a world of accessories that fit your personality, from ties to handmade shoes!

Category: artisan stylist
Address: Via Marconi, 16r; +39 055-579462
Notes: Distinct handmade suits and dresses, as per tradition.

Category: clothes and some accessories
Address: Piazza della Repubblica, 1; +39 055-210773
Note: Spanish brand that offers a valid alternative to expensive clothing pieces.

Category: clothing
Address: Via Porta Rossa.
Notes: We really love this store. It is located at a hidden street and doesn’t draw much attention from the outside. It is because of this that its insides are so impressive, with minimalist pieces by Alberta Ferretti and other less-known designers.

Gerard, Replay and Diesel
Category: trendy clothing pieces and some accessories
Address: Via Vacchereccia, 18r; 055 215942. Via Por Santa Maria, 27r; 055-287950.Via dei Lamberti, 13r; 055-2399963.
Notes: Gerard is a several business brand (among them Diesel and Replay) that is recommended for young people!

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